My health record opt-out 

The federal government has opened the three-month my health record opt-out option for Australians who do not want to record their health data on e-health record. You can opt out of this service between 16 July 2018 to 15 October 2018. After that, e-health record for every citizen will be created who have not opted out.

My health record opt-out 

My health record opt-out 


Till date, approximately 6 million people have signed up for my health record for the last six years. My health record is an online digital record of your health data. As many 20000 people have opt-out till date from e-record said by Turnbull on 3AW Radio at Melbourne.


Benefits of digital health record:

There are various benefits of having a digital health record. Based on past data and history, a diagnosis would be easy. You can easily keep track of your health record information online. All information is available on finger touch.

For my health record opt out, please click here. (Valid till 15 Oct 2018)

You can also opt out for your children under the age of 18. However, they need to have supporting documents for the same.

Documents required:

Following documents are required for my health record opt out

  • Medicare card
  • Identity proof

Your identity proof can be a driving license, passport or Immi card to verify your identity.


Why my health record opt out?

A possible reason for my health record opt-out is privacy. Many people are worried about their data security. Who will have access to your health records? This is really a big question and no satisfying answer is available as of now.



All in all, it is a personal choice whether to go for a digital health record or to opt out. Today approximately 6 lakh people in Australia have my health record and there are about 13000 health professionals.  If you choose to opt out, you will still have an option to get my health record in future.


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