Skilled migrant visa Australia

Most of the countries follow, point test scheme for skill independent migration. Higher the point, better the chances to get visa earlier. Here is the step by step guide for the skilled migrant visa Australia.


Skilled migrant visa Australia

Skilled migrant visa Australia


Points are calculated on different parameter as below.
• Your Age ( Highest for age from 25-32)
• Experience in years ( Higher the number, higher the points )
• English Score ( Competent, Proficient or Expert )
• Education ( Points reduces from PhD-Masters-Bachelor)


Internal Review Report (IRR)

The first step in this process is to get yourself assessed. There are different migration agents, who do an assessment for you for free of cost or with nominal charges. All you need is your latest resume and some formal details about you. If your assessment is positive, congratulations, you can apply for migration visa.


English Competency

The second step in this process if the English exam. Different countries follow different rules for English exams. Most common exams are IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and PTE. Please go to the country-specific immigration website and check which exam is required for that. These all exams test your English but exam patterns and types of question vary from one to another. IELTS is the most favored exam by most countries. There are two modules of it. IELTS general and IELTS academic. Academic is preferred by students. For migration IELTS general is preferred. Different countries demand different scores for these exams. Make sure you note down your target scores and plan as per.


Skill Assessment

The third step is skill assessment. After getting desired English score, the next step is to get a positive skill assessment. Skill assessment usually checks your work experience and projects you had undergone. Your academics and employment documents are verified. You may need to submit projects on which you worked with clearly stating your roles and responsibilities and duties. Make sure your immigration consultant help you to make this report. You need t to submit English result score with required result.

After a successful assessment, you are granted the letter of a positive outcome with all your details. This is the first time you make direct payment to the country you are migrating. After paying the required fees, it may take up to 3 months to get the output of your skill assessment. If you have got a positive outcome is the first step, there are rare chances of rejection in this case. You skill assessment comes with a validity period which may vary from country to country and usually of 2 years or more. If you don’t apply for a visa within this time frame, your assessment results may void and you need to get yourself assessed again.


Expression of Interest (EOI)

After getting a positive skill assessment, the next step is to apply for expression of interest (EOI). Once again, with all your documents and detail, skill assessment letter, and English results, you need to submit an application form to show your expression of interest. The date on which you submit your EOI application is crucial, as this will be the deciding factor for you to get an invitation to apply for the visa.

After submitting EOI, there is waiting time for you until you get an invite. The invitation is granted on basis of points. Waiting period depends on your total points and number of applicant ahead you with higher points for the same occupation. The invitation also affected by a number of total invitation to be granted per year for that country. Every year, occupation lists and number of invitations to be granted is updated and numbers may increase or decrease. In some cases, waiting time may as high as 1 to 2 years.

Visa Lodge

Once you get invited, it is time for you to lodge visa. This is the final step of your visa application. Once again, with all your documents, you need to fill application for a visa. You may need to undergo medical and get a police clearance certificate. Medical is only valid if done with affiliated immigration country. List of certified doctors/hospitals are available on immigration website and usually in metro cities only. Make sure you plan your travel as per if you live in rural or semi-urban areas.

Process for application of PCC varied for different countries. You may need to apply online or visit the nearest police station. You can now submit your visa lodge application with PCC and medical reports.


Final Stage

Once the application is submitted, you are assigned a case officer(CO) to look into your case. Each application in this stage is scrutinized case by case. You may need to provide some details requested by your CO assigned by immigration country. This may take up to 2 to 3 months. After the successful assessment, you are granted the visa. It is time for you to celebrate.



This is the basic process for the skilled migrant visa Australia. However, you may sit for the English exam before the internal review. You still need to keep yourself updated about latest points criteria.




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