New value test may be added for migrants seeking PR

Alan Tudge, citizenship minister in Turnbull government has raised his concern about PR visa grants. Too many PR visas are granted to people even before entering in Australia, he said. A new value test may be added for migrant seeking Australia PR.

Value test for migrants seeking Australia PR

New value test may be added for migrants seeking PR


Last year, Australia granted about 162000 visa which was lower than the annual cap of 190000 and lowest in the last 10 years. About half of the total were granted visa even before entering Australia and another half were granted within Australia based on temporary visas. This is less ideal and something needs to consider, Tudge said in his speech in London.

Approximately two-thirds of permanent residency visa are skilled visa while one-third are family visas.  Mr. Tudge concerned about the offshore applicants as no much details are known about them.

A new spoken English language test may be introduced for people seeking permanent residency in Australia.


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